An Ubuntu That Looks Like XP – How Come?


There is now a version of Ubuntu that looks exactly like Windows XP. The graphical user interface has been changed so that to the user it appears they are using the Windows operating system, while running on the Ubuntu platform. This was made by a group in China who have been illegally selling copies of Windows XP. With recent crack downs, they are now using a version of Ubuntu that looks exactly like XP.

What does this information actually mean to the end users?

First of all, Americans shouldn't be effected because the operating system is written in Chinese. Most aren't purchasing XP or illegal copies of XP from foreign sellers as there are plenty on the local market. But it does bring up a principle that people should be aware of. Linux OS can be made to look like just about any other operating system because of the way the system can be changed and altered so easily. Just because the interface looks like a certain OS, it might not actually be that operating system.

Another thing to be aware of is fake or cloned software. This happens quite a bit with virus or spyware scanners. If you get a piece of software that looks like the original, it's best to not run it unless you know you downloaded the software from the original source. This is important so that personal information from your machine will not be taken advantage of.

Getting software from reputable sources and not doing anything illegal will help protect users the best in the long run.


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