FatCow Vs Easy-CGI


Occasionally these two are compared for easy use & unlimited characteristics. On comparing 2 website hosting corporates, FatCow and Easy-CGI, both has plenty to provide. One caters to "every man" crowds whereas the another is geared most towards the business men or more technically comprehending groups.


On keeping with such on going simplistic themes, FatCow provides simply one pricing schema. For $ 66 per year (reduced from $ 88 per year), you can receive limitless hosting spaces, no cap on bandwidths & you could mail and can create database to your own hearts content. Has more than a single domain which has to get hosted? Have you covered FatCow well with limitless hosted domains. Easy-CGI provides 3 Window hosted accounts alternatives ranging from along $ 7.96 per month – $ 21.56 per month. On such accounts you will be confined to at the most 750 Gigabytes of spacing & 7,500 Gigabytes of monthly information transfers. They even offer limitless hosted domain that allows for limitless POP account and MySQL database at the end of such offerings.

Services and Products

Providing only website hosting & no committed or practical server account or reseller accounts, CGI outshines FatCow in certain products that are provided by any companies. Easy-CGI have 4 Linux based VPSs hosting account to select from – rating in prices according to memory and space requirements. They too offer mail only hosting, website forwarding & domain registrations.

Both the companies provide different control panels program to administer others accounts. FatCow has its proprietary programs for their own clients to utilize. It has been contrived to be very easier to use along with categorizations and color-coding to help them navigate. The color-coding also enable clients to see which choices are available for them. Easy-CGI applies Plesk control panels. A well-known and established program, Plesk even categories sections of such hosted accounts & allows the customers easy accesses to add on features and programs.

Web hosting characteristics

Every company provides the standards that you would look from a website hosting companies – an easier way for using control panels, site building tool, marketing tool, e-commerce application, accesses to most of the content management system (such as Joomla or WordPress) . A good switch for Easy-CGI is the consumption of both the PHP and Active Server Page (ASP). This is considered to be one of the advantages of hosted on the Windows operating systems.

Customer Services

Easy-CGI and FatCow have a diversity of support alternatives – including e-mails, FAQ, knowledge base and phone supports. Both corporates also provide 24×7 supports by phones and web chat choice to get help as quick as possible. "Moo Crews" at FatCow would answer all your calls in 2 minutes or less & will forever set deadlines for your issues. They are even committed to ensure your supports that are answered in a courteous and pleasant manner.


If your demands are just of a simple website hosting nature & you are searching to save little bit of coins, FatCow's are highly recommended. Still, if you are in need of bit more & were looking in a virtual or dedicated server alternatives, Easy-CGI's will suit you nicely.


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