Create a Bootable Linux Drive Through Lili USB Creator


Thanks to the cheaper technology is not surprising that many of us have more than one flash drive at home laughing not knowing what to do very well with him. We buy more capacity pen drives under are cheaper and no longer use because they stay there.

An interesting way to use him there is to install a bootable Linux distribution to run on any computer for testing or to take our small operating system wherever we go, our favorite applications and documents. Thanks to Lili USB Creator can do very easily.

Lili USB Creator is a Windows application that will do just that. Indicating a number of parameters, we apply our pendrive formatted and put there the Linux distribution you want. Unfortunately not support any Linux distribution, but the list is quite extensive.

Another very interesting Lili USB Creator is that when choosing the source where we have the system we want to pass the pendrive can choose between an image at ISO, IMG, or ZIP, CD or download it directly through the application. And this last point is the one I liked.

Lili also USB Creator offers the possibility of installing a sort of virtualized Linux to run it directly in Windows without the need for other applications. Although this is interesting I think there are other solutions much better in this aspect, but should take a look.

It is certainly a pleasant surprise that I have brought with Lili USB Creator, and the truth is that right now I'm installing Ubuntu on an old flash drive I had around here and it seems that are doing it correctly (by downloading the ISO directly through application). It is fully in Castilian.


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