New Features of Dreamweaver CC


Adobe's release of Creative Cloud Suite has introduced various new capabilities into its products. With Dreamweaver being one of the biggest recipients of latest features and updates, it comes as a relief to users who have been waiting long for better support and enhancements. Dreamweaver is a web development and design application used to create websites and applications for different platforms including web, mobile and tablets. Let's take a look at some of the most powerful new additions in Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

CSS Designer

Undoubtedly, the most promising update of this version has to be CSS Designer Tool. It helps developers get a visually appealing console for managing properties. CSS Designer lets you add gradients and box shadows and do much more with single click of mouse. It also adds support CSS code for all the popular web browsers, so your web design look similar across all desktop and devices.

Fluid Grid Layout

A greatly flexible and Fluid Grid Layout allows designers to select a dynamic web layout based on their preference for desktop, mobile or tablet view. They can customize and also set the width and grid structure of the page. This feature makes sure that you get the best possible effect of your page on the intended device – whether a smart phone or tablet or notebook.

Edge Web Fonts

Make your pages more attractive and lively with vivid typography and different fonts to select from. This capability allows designers access to an in-built library of free fonts. Now create beautifully styled typography while creating pages that load super quickly with this feature available in Manage Fonts dialog box.

Sync Settings

The new Sync Settings allow you to save your preferences on more than one device so that you can access Dreamweaver anytime anywhere. All your settings, files and site definitions are stored on the cloud giving you uninhibited access to your web projects.

jQuery User Interface Widgets

Move over boring buttons and icons. Work with jQuery UI widgets using drag and drop from the Insert Panel directly. Date Picker, Tab, Accordion, and Progress bar etc can be controlled in Property Inspector and bring life to your mobile apps and interfaces.

Apart from all these amazing new features including CSS designer, Fluid Grid Layout, Sync Settings etc, there are some other inventive capabilities in Dreamweaver CC too. PhoneGap Build is another offering that provides support for creating and packaging native iOS and Android apps. JavaScript, HTML 5and CSS3 support for author projects is also available in the new version. With all this and a brand new interface Adobe has moved on from outdated features towards a faster and lighter application.

It makes sense for regular Dreamweaver users to upgrade their skills to Dreamweaver CC if they want to tap into the full potential of this platform. Therefore, an Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud training from Koenig Solutions will help you maximize your learning from this great advanced tool. Make sure you are well versed with new concepts of latest version before paying for this Adobe CC upgrade.


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