JQuery UI 1.6 Book Review


I just finished reading and going through some examples in jQuery UI 1.6 by Dan Wellman. Javascript is not really my cup of tea that’s why I use jQuery, a framework for easily interacting with Javascript. jQuery UI is a library built on top of jQuery which allows you to create interactions, full-featured widgets and animation effects. This book written by Dan Wellman, is a book that will give you a good foundation in learning this plugin.

The book takes you step by step into implementing jQuery user interface layouts. What I like most about the book is how the author explained a complex topic into a simple one. The book is complete and covers every aspect of user interface elements, from tabs, accordions, dialog boxes, slider, date picker, auto-complete, drag and drop, resizing, selections, sorting and other interface effects. I also like the part where the author would present a basic interface concept and discuss it and then have tutorials right after to help you fully understand the idea. I also found the use of screenshots very helpful.

The book has in-depth explanations on each component; building from its default basic state into a more advanced state. Additionally, the book also looks at how components can be used in real world scenarios. This book is aimed at user interface designers and developers who need to learn to implement user interfaces quickly.  I can understand and code PHP but it’s a real challenge for me whenever heavy Javascript scripting would be involved.

Overall this book is excellent for beginners and contains useful examples along with some good in-depth explanations. My only concern is I can see some of the content in this book being outdated fairly quickly. If you use jQuery and want to start implementing user interfaces quickly and efficiently, you should consider picking up this book for sure.

Book information: jQuery UI 1.6


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