Easy Steps To Get Started With jQuery Mobile Development


jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized JavaScript framework that allows developers to create applications for a wide range of smartphones and tablet devices. This is necessary for the growth of heterogeneous tablet and smartphone market. jQuery mobile framework is compatible with other cross platform mobile development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Worklight and more.

jQuery Mobile leverages CSS3 and HTML5 web technologies to build mobile web apps using a single codebase that automatically scales to any screen. JQM comes with an array of themes and plugins which brings enhanced user experience on a variety of mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones, Samsung, Nokia and other devices.

Key features

  • Built on jQuery core for consistent jQuery syntax and minimal learning curve for people
  • Platform-agnostic: Supports major mobile platforms and browsers including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Nokia/Symbian, Windows Phones, Bada, MeeGo with baseline support for all HTML-friendly devices
  • Lightweight size (12k compressed for all mobile functionality) and minimal image dependencies for optimizing speed
  • HTML5 Markup-driven configuration of layout pages and behavior for fast development and minimal scripting
  • Progressive enhancement approach brings core content and functionality to all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and a rich, installed application-like experience on newer mobile platforms
  • Automatic initialization by using HTML5 data-role attributes in the HTML markup to pitch all jQuery Mobile widgets found on a page automatically.
  • Accessibility features such as WAI-ARIA are also included to ensure that the pages work for screen readers (e.g. Voice Over in iOS) and other supportive technologies
  • New events streamline the process of supporting touch, mouse, and cursor focus-based user input methods using a simple API
  • New plugins enhance native controls with touch-optimized, themable controls
  • Powerful theming framework which allows customization of colors and some CSS aspects of UI features which brings highly-branded experiences. Using ThemeRoller application, a theme can be built and custom CSS file can be downloaded for applying it in their projects. A theme can be created using 26 unique color swatches, each one having a a header bar, content body, and button states. By using swatches with different combinations, mobile app developers can weave a wide range of themes containing one swatch per theme. Swatches create a scintillating visual experience and applying different swatches in a theme is easy and simple. The default jQuery Mobile theme has different color swatches, named a, b, c, d, and e.
  • Touch-optimized UI widgets for cross platform mobile experiences


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