5 Useful MongoDB Developer Tools


One of the most popular schemaless database systems on today's market is MongoDB. It offers a very wide functionality suitable for a range of big data applications. The main advantages include scalability, flexible replication, JSON-style documents with dynamic schemas, advanced querying, contention-free performance, and GridFS for storing data. Although commercial support is available, a newbie MongoDB developer can always go to the community forum for free help on any issues.

This database is relatively difficult to use as command line skills are required to run most operations. However, the large community supporting the project developed many UI tools to simplify administration tasks. Below is the list of five tools that provide a graphical interface with various functions. Most are distributed for free and take minutes to install, so you should probably experiment with a couple of them to see what will be the best option for you.

1. Database Master, a GUI for MongoDB developer

Database Master was created by Nucleon Software for Windows OS and can be used for MongoDB as well as for many other popular databases. This is a proprietary solution that offers a pretty wide range of functions for managing, querying, editing, visualizing, and reporting in relational or NoSQL database systems. Features that might be interesting to a MongoDB developer include tree views for databases and collections, creating / dropping indexes, server / database statistics, and support for RDMBS.

2. MongoHub

It is a native OS X GUI application for database administration. This desktop GUI tool for your NoSQL storage can manage databases locally or over the Web. Functions include adding / removing databases and collections, changing fields and indexes, viewing and filtering content of collections, adding / editing / removing rows, dumping collections or entire databases, and performing custom queries. The application may be especially useful to a MongoDB developer who works with iOS.

3. Fang of Mongo

This simple Web-based user interface was built with Django and jQuery. Features include a data loading indicator, user-friendly collection statistics, and a Twitter stream plug-in. Fields in the query builder are automatically filled in and collection windows are disabled when no collection is selected. Created by a MongoDB developer Maciej Dziardziel, this tool works well with recent Google Chrome and Firefox versions.

4. MongoDB ODA plug in for BIRT

This Eclipse-based plug-in for BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) can connect to your database and pull out data to generate BI reports. The application has a simple interface and comes with a comprehensive user guide.

5. Genghis

Another useful administration tool for your database is Genghis. Created by Justin Hileman, a MongoDB developer from the US It provides a Web interface that runs from a single PHP file. The application supports keyboard shortcuts and can be used for managing your databases, collections, and documents. Genghis is distributed under the MIT license.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, you can find a dozen of other tools for administering MongoDB. You are welcome to suggest other tools, if you had experience of working with them.


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