The Case For a Content Management System For Your Website Design


Has Content Management Systems come to a point in their development to have replaced conventional static websites in main stream website design?

I personally think so. Content Management Systems even in their most basic form offer so many benefits that they can be ignored no longer.

A static website designer has to spend a great deal of time in both development and graphics to even begin to compare with a CMS.

There are three main CMS candidates that have risen to the top of the pile in recognition worldwide. There are certainly more than three, but worldwide the top three CMS's that are consistently rated as the best in the industry.

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • WordPress

Content Management Systems strong points and attributes that put them in a class all by themselves and are the reasons why this author believes gives them a inherent edge over static websites are as follows.

  • Content management systems are just that a content management system and static websites can not compare when it comes to the way that CMS's organize and deliver content to your viewers.
  • The functionality of a CMS is outstanding. The availability of extensions and plugins that deliver the stunning functionality is what draws people to them in the first place. A simple website that even the novice can design would cost thousands for a static website designer to duplicate, if he could. Joomla alone has over 3000 extensions available to developers at this time. Templates are count in the thousands also.
  • It is feasible for a business owner to have a website designed in a CMS and with very little training manage their own website. With the quality content editors and media editors that are available you do not need to know code languages ​​to perform changes and add content or images.
  • Content Management Systems have been given a bad rap when it comes to SEO. I personally know a Joomla Website Designer that has been having terrific results designing websites in Joomla as far as ranking well in the organic search engines. Developers that are well versed in Search Engine Optimization can capitalize on the inherent search engine friendship and hierarchy that comes with a CMS website design for outstanding SEO.

If you are in need of a business website or possibly a redesign, take a look at having it developed as a CMS. There are quite a few CMS designers nowdays in most locations. One word of advice, if you are considering having a website designed as a Content Management System find a designer that specializes in CMS development.


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