Learn How to Publish an Article into a Joomla Website


When you create an article in Joomla, you will want to make it available to your site visitors. If you just leave the article without any links to it, the only way for people to find it would be via a direct link that you would provide them. There are two ways to link to your articles in Joomla, the first is to make a link to the article in a menu, and the other is to include it in a category. I’d like to walk you through the steps to properly publish an article in Joomla both ways.

This article assumes that you have Joomla currently installed, you understand how to access the administration area and you understand the concepts of Joomla categories and sections.

The first thing you will want to do is locate the article you want to link to in the administration area via the Content menu and then clicking on “Article Manager”. Click through to the article and determine if the article is already in a category. If it is not currently in a category make a menu link to it as follows: Go to Menus > Main Menu in the administration back end, then click on “New” and choose “Article Layout”. You will want to give the menu link a name by putting it in to the “Title” field. Next, go to “Parameters (Basic)” and select the article you want to link to. You will want to choose where it should go in the menu under “Parent Item”. Make sure “Published” is set to “Yes” and click “Save”.

If you wish to publish the article as part of a category, do the following: Decide which category the new article will be contained in. Locate the article you wish to add to the category via the “Article Manager” and open it. Next, choose which “Section” holds the category. Once you have chosen the section, the “Category” pop up will change to reflect all categories in the section. Choose the one you would like to use and click on “Save”. Please note that all references to this category will now include this article.


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