Learn How to Change the Copyright Information on the Bottom of a Joomla Website


As a Joomla developer, you will want to customize the copyright information found in the footer on the bottom of all of your Joomla website pages, either for your own site, or for one of your client sites. The reason for this is that a new Joomla installation has this: "Joomla! Is Free Software released under the GNU / GPL License" in the footer location. This is not exactly the type of information that would be very helpful for either search engine optimization or that makes even basic business sense. I would like to show you how to change this information on your site.

First, a couple of assumptions, you should have Joomla already installed and you should have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application and should understand how to use it to access the root directory of your Joomla site.

The first thing you will do is access the root directory of your site via FTP. Next, find the "language" directory and enter it and look for "en-GB" or, if your site is not in English, enter the directory of whatever language your Joomla site is configured in, en-GB is for Great Britain English . Now look for the file "en-GB.mod_footer.ini" (or the mod_footer file of whatever language your Joomla site is configured in). Make a copy of this file and store in a safe location. This is very important, if you should some how alter the file beyond repair, you will want to have an original copy handy to drop in place to make sure your site remains live.

Now open the copy of en-GB.mod_footer.ini located on the website's server. Look for "FOOTER_LINE2", you should see "Joomla! Is Free Software released under the GNU / GPL License". Now you can change this to whatever you want to appear in the copyright area at the bottom of the page. Feel free to include any links or graphics that you would like using basic html. If you link to a graphic, make sure that you have the proper directory structure in your code. Finally, save this file on the server.

Now you can refresh the front page of your website and confirm the copyright area is appearing as you would like it to. Make any further changes if necessary.


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