How to Change the Read More Link Text in Joomla


This article explains how to change the Joomla Read More link. There are three ways to change this:

  • 1: This method is local; in other words, it will change the read more in a specific article. This method will override the global method.
  • 2: This method is Global and will change the way all Read More links are displayed.
  • 3: Change the Read More Link in the Joomla Beez template. This method requires a change to the template html files.

1: How to Change the Joomla Read More Link for a Specific Article

The Local Change method allows you to change the read text on individual articles. The change you make applies only to the article in which you applied it and it overrides the global setting for Joomla Read More links.

  1. From an open Joomla article, click Parameters (Advanced).
  2. Enter an alternative Read More text in the Alternative Read more: text field.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. View the page in your browser to verify that your changes were applied.
  5. Save and close the article.

2: How to Globally Change the Joomla Read More Link

This method explains how to change the Read More link globally.

  1. From your Joomla root directory open the following file with a text editor: /language/en_GB/en-GB.com_content.ini. Important: The file in the example above is the English language file. If the language you are changing is a different language, then you will need to edit that file. For example, if the language were French, the path would be /language/fr_FR/fr_FR.com_content.ini
  2. Search the file for "read more". You are looking for this line: READ MORE = Read more:
  3. Change the text after the equal (=) sign. For example: READ MORE = More info …
  4. Save the en_GB.com_content.ini file and upload it to your server.
  5. View a page where the read more links are used and verify that your changes were applied.

Method 3: How to Change the Read More Link to Remove the Article Title: Beez Template

The Beez template has been modified so the read more link includes the Article title. For example, instead of saying "Read More …," the link says "Read More:


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