Making a Website With WYSIWYG Tools


If you have decided to give making money online a go then starting your first website is definitely the way to begin. You can do this in many ways depending on your knowledge of the coding required. If you have no previous experience making a website and do no wish to learn you can download software that will allow you to drag and drop items such as pictures, texts, tables to build up your website fast and effective. These are called 'what you see is what you get' editors or WYSIWYG for short. The problem with these is that the coding will all be messed up which will give you a slight disadvantage when it comes to marketing your website but if you have a little knowledge you will be able to tidy it up with no trouble.

If you have decided to learn HTML (hyper text mark-up language) or know it already then you will be better making the site from scratch using applications such as macromedia dreamweaver. This will allow you to make a website exactly how you want it, having the knowledge will enable you to edit code and fix any problems you occur with ease. The best thing about dreamweaver is the fact it has inbuilt FTP access so when you make your site live you can keep your server through one program.

Once you have mastered HTML which is used to make a basic site you can begin to learn other languages ​​which will allow you to add better features into your website making them more appealing to the user, the commons ones are PHP and JavaScript. You do not have to learn these as many scripts are available to download, which you can simply integrate into your coding. It's always best to learn basic functions in case you come across any errors which you will be able to fix yourself or if you want to customize a script for your site.

When you are capable of making a site's structure always try to make a unique design so that it will stick in people's minds unlike a commonly used template. It's always best to make the design in software such as Photoshop so that you can just replicate it but then moving things around in the code as this will create messy coding. Be sure to make it user friendly with nice code so that the robots do not have a problem surfing your website when it comes to indexing it.


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