How To Add Current Mortgage Interest Rates On Your Website


Looking for ways to display current mortgage interest rates on your website? An easy way to display today's mortgage rates on your site? This article gives you an overview of some options available on different websites.

Free Daily Content for Your Site from HSH

All interest rates are shown as a graphic. You will need to sign up with a valid email address in order to use this content.

You can display HSH's daily national mortgage statistics – recognized worldwide as the most accurate and most objective available – on your Web site or weblog, at no cost. It's fast & easy! Select the image or calculator you want, submit the form, and they will send you an e-mail to confirm your selection.

You can customize any of these graphics – or customize our calculators – with your business name, logo, etc. Tutorials, articles, conforming and / or jumbo mortgage statistics, and other goodies are also available.

Mortgage101 Realtor Network

You will be required to sign up. Several tools and calculators are available in your realtor user area. You can choose sizes, topics, pop-up or main window, and customize the look and feel (colors etc.) to some extent. Tools are shown as HTML, and not as an image.

No signup required, the look and feel cannot be customized at all. It is a nice looking table though. You can display National Mortgage Rates on your website for free. Just click on the "Get Code" link and follow the instructions.


By utilizing their Free Ratebox Program you can have today's current mortgage rates displayed in a variety of different sized content boxes or design a custom one to exactly fit the look and feel of your site. You can choose to display the 30 year fixed rate, the 15 year FRM, and also the 1 year ARM. Rates are updated daily automatically. Easy to implement code for your pages, just copy and paste.

Fully customizable for those familiar with cascading style sheets. If you wish to change various aspects of the Ratebox such as size, color, type face etc. you can place a cascading style sheet or css file on your website's server that will override the default layout settings.

They provide the default css file to be used as a starting point and several other options which are very useful!


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