Shopping Cart Source Code – What on Earth Is Source Code of Shopping Carts?


You might have heard about shopping cart services and custom shopping carts but what if someone, probably a programmer, wishes to write own shopping cart software? Here comes the world of source code. Source code is defined as the original code of software. A program writes software, the original codes, which they write, are commonly termed as source code. And so whenever you hear of source code, you know what exactly it is. Talking about the shopping cart source they are also programmed. But there are some shopping cart software that are sold with their source code so that you can change it by yourself. Shopping cart codes are very useful and it makes shopping website easy to manage.

Killerphp is not just a PHP program to write your PHP but it also teaches you how to create carts with PHP and which works with PayPal. But it is important that the learner should be familiar with PHP because it doest not teaches to write PHP. It also helps to learn how to create XML documents and collaborate it with PHP files so that it can process transactions through PayPal. It is sold on CD, which cost around $ 30, or it can be bought online. The tutorial has 13 parts, which starts with introduction and gets into the technical stuff.

Websites such as offers powerful software named Visa Cart for ASP.NET and AJAX programming upon which shopping carts can easily be made. Visa Cart offers a variety of features such as web projects and AJAX Engine designing. But the software is comparatively expensive. It also provides an open source codes for custom shopping cart and the software has no limits for projects such as number of products places in the stored, website pages, customers and their orders or something like that. The software is specially designed for optimum performance but the hardware and other software can affect it in some ways.

Aspdotnet storefront is another good example of source code. Although the company's name is a big mouthful of words but they are one of the best source code writers. They designs custom carts according their customer's requirements and they can write virtually on any language, which includes Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, C and mySQL are few of the languages. They can also integrate PayPal and shipping company's service into their sources codes. According to them, they are serving 10 thousand customers worldwide and they are still expanding. They can custom design styles of cart, cooperate with cell phone networks by sending SMS on new orders, monitor taxation through accounting software such as Peachtree® and it can efficiently manage products.

Shop-Script is a shopping cart code provider, which are used to design shopping websites. One of the best features about Shop-Script is the facility to surf the shopping website on cell phones and buyers can place their orders from their cell phone. It has numerous other features such as product comparisons and order tracking. It a good idea to choose a source code which is not only affordable but what is more important is its features that makes shopping fun.


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