Skiing In Aspen Colorado – Have Fun!


When you think of Aspen Colorado you think of skiing. This is the best place to experience winter sports for the first time. There are several mountains to choose from that all offer a different ride. If you are new to Aspen and Snowmass you will need some important tips on how to make your ski trip a success.

You need to plan your lodging (hotel, condo or home), meals, and your ski time before you get there so you can spend every free moment doing what you came to do. Skiing is a way of life to these Rocky Mountain residents. It's there for them all the time without having to plan a trip and travel very far.

Lodging and resorts are everywhere skiing can be done here in this resort town. With so many choices you may not be able to decide. You will want a ski resort that offers a reasonable rate on ski lifts and equipment. You will also need to decide what kind of mountain terrain interests you. Would you like curvy and bumpy or smooth and long? The choice is yours because Aspen Colorado has a different mountain terrain to please everyone. Although you may want to stay at a hotel or motel close to the mountain you may want to think about staying at a resort so you don't need to waste any time traveling to ski.

With four major areas to choose from you won't have any trouble trying to find something to fit your needs. The first choice is Aspen Mountain. The mountain became open to skiers in 1947 located on Ajax Mountain. It was known as the world's longest ski lift. The terrain found at Aspen Mountain is more for the experienced skiers. What makes this resort so special is that you can ride the lifts from downtown Aspen. Shop and eat while still dressed in your downhill outfit. You will also have the best scenic views as you ride the lift back up to the mountain.

The next ski mountain is Buttermilk. This resort is the perfect mountain for beginner skiers. It has good terrain to practice your skills going down the slopes. It also has a school so you can master the art of the sport. You can request private lessons for you or your family. Ski instructors can teach beginners as well as more experienced skiers so they can sharpen up their skills and improve. Another sport that is popular at Buttermilk is Snowboarding. There is a two mile park with different terrain which includes such features as a superpipe and twenty five rails. There is also a beginner's park if you want to experience the art of snowboarding.

Aspen Highland is the next mountain to consider when it comes to Aspen skiing . This Aspen resort offers slopes for beginners and intermediate. It also welcomes snowboarders as well. Aspen Highlands also offers an expert terrain with something different beyond every curve. Aspen Highlands also offers something called Highlands Bowl. This allows you to hike and ski on some other terrain that is usually not offered with regular slopes. It provides chairlifts so you can get back up the mountain quicker.

Snowmass is our last mountain in Aspen skiing company . Snowmass offers terrain for all levels of expertise. It offers a lot for the snowboarder's as well. Snowmass builds one of the North America's largest halfpipes for the snowboarders to keep them coming back year after year. Snowmass also offers restaurants, shopping and lodging as well because they are located about 12 miles from Aspen.

As you see, no matter what you are looking for, you can find it here.


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