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Tangler is a real-time discussions Network and community service covering the world of chats, where users can have Contacts and keep track of the conversations of their friends that have signed up for an account. Forums allow information to be logged and retained, so users are able to know what people were talking about a some time ago. It’s currently run in beta vesion. In fact there’s a Tangler forum for web 2.0 betas, where users they can find latest products added and to have discussions with their friends.

“100 Million people use more than 100,000 forums based on 10 year old technology. Tangler is changing the way people talk about their interests. Imagine if you took all the forums, groups and websites where you talk about all the different things you are interested in and put them in a single system. And then you upgraded them all so they made the most of new internet technology like Ajax to make the discussion real-time (fast) and rich media (pretty with pictures and videos). Then you’re starting to get an idea of what Tangler is building.Groups can be set to public, and therefore open to all, or private, whereby you can choose who participates, which makes it possible to use the service for both socially orientated or enterprise / education purposes where a controlled environment is necessary.”

Create Groups

Tangler has reinvented discussion boards using the latest Web2.0 technologies, making easy to share information with other people around the net and keep track of the conversations. Like classic forums, Tangler includes subjects or Groups and boasts of thousands of public discussion groups registered for now (1,000 forums with 160,000 posts and 30,000 unique visitors). When users create a group, they can add one or more Topics inside every group and also to choose if the group are public or closed, or invitation-only Group. Tangler is live, so the minute someone responds to your thread, you’re sent an alert — even if you’re not on Tangler at the time.

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for a Tangler account. It’s free. I signed up for my account and started poking around the site to see what happens. When you enter Tangler in the Homepage, you’ll find your most recent Group invitations from your Contacts, along with recent activity in topics you’ve been involved in. You’ll also find a selection of your Groups and Contacts. Tangler also includes a menu with options that allows to search based on Groups, a full list of your Groups, your Contacts and Recent Activity.

One of the great benefits of Tangle is the possibility to add images or YouTube videos inside your chat thread. Also, Tangler is a useful tool for facilitating conversation around your content Just with social networking services such as Facebook, users can create a profile and add friends by both email and from within the existing user-base.


Tangler is real-time service, if someone responds to your thread, you’re sent an message without you’re on Tangler website. A easy free tool that site in your menu bar allows you to keep track of the conversations your friends, so you can know every time one of the discussions you are subscribed to is added to. A very useful resource to keep an ongoing discussion of user feedback.

There is today an tool that enable to add forums into external web site and services. Users can integrate their website or blog like this example on techcrunch website. The desktop preview allows you to play around with the chat without going through the trouble of to enter on the Tangler homepage.

If you’ve been meaning to try out tangler the following video comes from 3″ 24 to give you a good idea of how Tangler works.

Customer support

Tangler is a great way to take contacts and keep support to the customers or give information when and where they need it.


Great how Tangler works. This community pages are visited by thousands of people every day, users can access and hit any time combined with a real time chat, so it’s a easy way to post your latest articles on Tangler and attract directly new users to your website. Of course this kind of system is open to abuse but really I hope you’ll follow my advice and post something useful for the community readers.


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