Win XP and Ubuntu Linux Dual Boot (Ubuntu First)


This article is about dual-booting for Linux Ubuntu-8.04 (Herdy Heron) and Microsoft Windows XP; where Ubuntu has already been installed in the system.

To manage dual-boot we need a boot manager. In Windows we know it as bootloader and in Ubuntu it is called GRUB.

When we will install XP after Herdy Heron, it will completely overwrite the GRUB with its own boot manager. Unfortunately, till today, Windows are not well enough to deal with this kind of situations or they simply do not want their users to experience other Operating Systems.

So after installing XP you will see only XP on the start-up screen, there will be no Linux. Now, we have to reinstall the grub to see them together. To do so, you will need the Ubuntu OS installation CD. Insert it to your CD ROM and restart the computer. Select your desired language. Select Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer. It will lead you to boot up with live session.

Now go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. Then, type in "sudo grub" and press Enter.
"> Grub" this is what you would see and will keep seeing until you finish the grub session.
Now just type "find / boot / grub / stage1" after "> grub" and it will show the GRUB.
You will find something like "(hdX, Y)" where X and Y will be two numbers. If you are a newbie, you need not know right now about what it means.
For example, it is "(hd0,1)" It should be "> grub (hd0,1)" to look like.
Now type "root (hd0,1)" It should be "> grub root (hd0,1)" to look like.
Now type "setup (hd0)" It should be "> grub setup (hd0)" to look like.

If everything goes right you will see some lines with success.
Now you can type "quit".


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