Where Can I Download Unix?


Unix is ​​a powerful operating system that allows for multi-user environment and is implemented into a few different platforms. Because it is an open source application, you can get it for a small price or for free. One of the ways to get it is to download it from the Internet. The popularity of Unix can be seen in other operating systems as some of their elements can be found in other operating systems. Among some of the platforms that are based on the Unix system are FreeBSB, OpenBSB, Solaris Unix, Fedora Linux, Debian Linux, and Ubuntu Linux. So where can I download Unix for each of these platforms?

If you want to download the FreeBSB Unix operating system, you can look it up at Freebsb.org. This platform was developed in UCLA, Berkeley, and is compatible for x86, amd64, Alpha / AXP, IA-64, PC-98 and Ultras ARC Architecture.

Then, where can I download Unix of OpenBSB? You can download it at the Openbsb.org website, where you can even choose your preferences. This system is a free, multi-platform operating system that is based on 4.4BSB. Some of the themes that are emphasized by the system are correctness, portability, standardization, and integrated cryptography. It can also maintain binary emulation of programs from SVR4 Solaris, Linux, and even Sun OS.

On the other hand, the Solaris Unix OS can be downloaded at Sun.com. It is considered one of the best of the Unix environment based systems, as it shows good scalability, performance and security.

The Fedora Linux can be downloaded at Fedoraproject.org. It is a general purpose operating system that is made on a public platform, and is favored among open source software development enthusiasts.

The Debian Linux can be downloaded at Debian.org. It can be downloaded for free and it uses Linux Kernel, although most of its tools are created from the GNU project, giving it its name Debian GNU / Linux. It comes with thousands of packages that make the installation process easy.

Lastly, you can download the Ubuntu Linux from its Website. Ubuntu is a platform based on community open source which can be used on various devices such as desktops, notebooks, and even servers. This platform can be downloaded for free, and you can actually receive a copy of the software for free, depending on where you are located, by the company who came up with it – Canonical. It comes with most of the essential programs like word processors.


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