Using Gnome Do – Quickly and Easy Launch Applications


Gnome Do is an add on that you can use with the Gnome graphical user interface. In design it's very similar to Mac OSX's quicksilver. It will allow you to quickly launch applications, run terminal commands and do searches both within your desktop as well as on the internet.

One of the fascinating things about technology, and especially technology that relates to computers and software, is that you are continuously expanding the number of tools you have, as well as increasing the amount of information your are producing. This is the age of information, but that is just a short step away from information overload and this is why tools that help you find, administer and easily use both the information you need and the applications to run it, are essential. The down side of all this technology advance is that keeping tabs on all you do, all you produce and all that you need, becomes more and more difficult. This where tools like Gnome Do come to the rescue as they have been developed with the idea of ​​making life easier – and we can all do with a bit of that.

Gnome Do comes with an extensive set of plugins to help you perform many tasks and manage applications including use as search tool, music player, file browser, dictionary, file organizers and many more.

To get Gnome Do check with your distributions repositories. If using Gnome on your distribution, it's highly likely that the Gnome Do package will be there. It is in the Ubuntu and Debian repositories if you can't find them elsewhere.

Once installed, you are ready to go. The default to bring up the Gnome Do interface once it's open is to use the "Windows Key" + Space. There is an option to make this whatever you want since some older computers do not have the "Windows" or Super key.

Once you hit the keyboard shortcut, just start typing. If you hit G, applications that have a G in their title will start showing up. You can also type in the type of application you want. If you type in Browser, your web browser regardless of it's name will show up. Eventually you will get so fast with keyboard shortcuts, you will be launching applications this way as opposed to point and click.

It also has a few other features. You have the option of typing in a phrase and searching from different popular websites. You can type up some thoughts then copy it to be pasted elsewhere. You can even put in mathematical expressions and use Gnome Do as a quick and easy calculator.


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