Ubuntu Games – My Favorite 5 Games for Ubuntu


Playing games on Ubuntu is very exciting. I will outline five of my favorite games.


Sauerbraten (aka Cube 2) is a first person shooter (FPS). There are two main types of gameplay including the following: multiplayer and singleplayer. Multiplayer is a network game over the internet or your LAN. There is a master serve list if you would like to browse all public Sauerbraten servers. Singleplayer has a campaign mode and bot matches. One neat feature of Sauerbraten is coop edit in game editing. Multiple people can edit a map while playing on it. There are many game modes including the following: Efficiency CTF, Efficiency Hold, Efficiency Protect, Hold, InstaHold, Free-For-All, InstaGib, Capture, Capture the Flag, Teamplay, Tactics, and Protect.


AssaultCube is also an FPS. AssaultCube is also known as Cube, becoming before Sauerbraten. AssaultCube has multiplayer and singleplayer, but with many less playing modes. AssaultCube runs very well on old computers with bad graphics cards.


Torcs is a very realistic racing simulator. Essentially it is a racing game, but it tries to give a very real feel in terms of traction and speed. There are many cars that are available to drive. This includes NASCAR, F1, racing trucks, and off-road vehicles. There are also many tracks to drive on. You can play against the computer or a friend in split screen play. Pit stops are available.


SuperTux is a platform game, aka Mario. Instead of Mario is the Linux penguin. He has nine enemies to fight in 26 levels. SuperTux has support for a joystick too for some old school gaming.

Frets On Fire X

Frets in Fire X is a Guitar Hero look a like. It allows up to four players to play the guitar, bass and drums or sing. MIDI instruments can be used as a controller in addition to Xbox, Wii, and PS3 Guitar Hero instruments. There is also a world high score chart so you can post your high score for the world to see.

I hope you can enjoy one of these great games on Ubuntu.


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