Tips and Tricks For Linux Mint


Linux Mint is a coming and popular distribution of Linux. There are many common questions about Linux Mint that people want to know the answers to.

How do you install Linux Mint?

Download the distribution and burn it to a CD as an image and not a data file. You can put this CD into your computer and boot up from it. You have the option of previewing the operating system and not installing it if you wish. If you want to install it, simply click on the install icon on the desktop and follow the prompts. This process will take about 5 minutes to fill out basic information about about 20 to install.

How do you install the flash player to Linux Mint?

One version of Mint does not come with Flash. Simply search the repositories with the Mint Install tool and find Flash. This will install it to your system.

Is Ubuntu or Linux Mint Better?

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. The core system is basically the same. Mint comes with a different look and feel and a few additional tools. Neither one is really better than the other. There are differences that just come down to user preference.

How do you run EXE files in Mint?

You need to install a program called WineHQ. This will let you run EXE files and other Windows programs on your Linux system. It will not run everything, but will do a fairly good job.

Where is the Thunderbird profile in Mint?

Your application settings are going to be in your home folder. Most of the time these folders start with a period meaning they are hidden from you. You need to select the option to see your hidden folders. For every Thunderbird folder to find your stored mail and profiles. This is the same for just about any program installed to your system.


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