Puppy Linux As a Great Operating System For Kids – Let Them Surf Worry Free


I am amazed at just how well Puppy Linux works with just about any hardware. What exactly is Puppy Linux you ask? Puppy Linux is a operating system much like Windows. However This operating system is extremely lightweight and fast on old hardware. I have used Linux operating systems in the past but what separates Puppy Linux from different Linux operating systems like Ubuntu is the fact that it runs in your computers memory. This advantage makes puppy Linux very fast and responsive even on older hardware. It even runs on a computer without a hard drive. What I like the most about puppy Linux is the fact that it recognizes and works with most hardware that I have tested it on. Puppy Linux can be put on a USB thumb drive and carried with you anywhere. In order to access the system just boot the computer you are using from the USB stick. Or you can just boot the system from the boot Cd that you make from the ISO.

You can download an Iso by doing a Google search for Puppy Linux. You download the Iso and create a boot disk that will work on most computers. I like booting into this operating system to surf around the Internet without the fear of viruses and other malware that can be picked up. Because the operating system works in memory you can turn of the computer and any history or malware etc … will disappear and you can start over clean the next Internet session. It is this fact that makes this operating system great for kids.

Try it on a old computer that you have laying around and see just how well it works. I took a old computer and installed Puppy Linux on it and let my 10 year old daughter use it. I asked her if she noticed anything different with the computer. She told me the picture on the desktop was different but not much else. She was able to Use her Facebook, Webkins, watch YouTube clips, and a couple of other sites right away. I was able to rest easy because she was not using my main laptop that I use on a day to day basis. No matter what she clicked on I was sure that nothing could go wrong with the computer that she was using. At least I should say there was nothing software wise that could go wrong. I see a lot of computers come into my shop that are full of viruses and malware because the customers kids may have clicked on something they should not have. The thing that seals the deal for me is the fact that Most of the things that kids do on computers are done in the browser. It used to be that you would have to install store bought software on a windows system so they can play their games. Now the same simple games can be found online. Give it a try you may just find that it works out great for you.


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