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So Windows Vista is a raging success, and Mac OS X Leopard will be here later this year. Ubuntu is making inroads in the Linux world. But they are all still Pigs. I steal that phrase from John C Dvorak.Let me explain. 5 years ago, hardware was playing catch-up. Software was more demanding on the hardware, and hardware manufacturers for the most part were trying to catch up. Think about the fact that you could almost never have enough memory in a PC. No matter how much you put in, the system would just use all of it. And do you remember the days of having to clear out your hard drive 'cause it kept filling up? Now you can pick up a nice shiny disk for peanuts.

But the tables have turned somewhat. The hardware is now far beyond anything your software can handle. John, points out in his article that processors are the big issue. None of the OS's today can actually handle multi core processing. To quote Dvorak: "Nobody wants to face the fact that Linux, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows XP, and Vista are based on OS designs that are as old as the hills. Sure OS X and Windows have been gussied up with pretty icons and lots of colours, but that's just lipstick on a pig. The difference today between the Mac and the PC is that the Mac has better lipstick. " So, I think the first person to the multi core finish line will have significant advantage over the rest of the world. If the operating system can efficiently assign different cores to different processes then we'll have a rocking multi tasking environment.

So far this year I have run Ubuntu, Vista, Mac, and XP. I am yet to decide which one actually works for me. I love Ubuntu, but it lacks the ability to run some of my core applications. Windows Vista was a nice change from XP, and I see some brilliant improvements. But the lack of support for some applications, and hardware frustrates me. Mac rules the roost, but once again I have applications that will not quite work properly, and because it's a PPC version I can not run windows in either parallels or boot camp. This has left me with Windows XP. I can do what I need to, but it's been 5 years on this platform, and I feel the need for a change. Maybe Ubuntu can sort Wine out? Will Vista Service Pack 1 address the incompatibility problems? Or will Mac OS X wear the best make up and steal the show?


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