MoonOS Linux Review – How Does This Distribution Measure Up?


MoonOS is not a popular Linux distribution by any means, but it is certainly a unique one. If you are using a lower power machine, this is a great Linux desktop to consider using. While it does not have as much functionality as some other distribution, it was made for computers without the greatest hardware.

The one thing that sets MoonOS apart from other distributions is the look and feel. It does not have the normal interface that would one expect. Instead it's a these that is very lively with yellows and greens all over. It's looks natural with it's leaves, plants, and moons that are on the desktop and built into the menu. Quite a bit of customization was used to give it this look.

One unique thing about this distribution is that it's graphical user interface is LXCE. Typically the popular low power interfaces are XFCE and Fluxbox, but LXCE is used in this version. There is taskbar that shows open applications with the option of switching between for workspaces as expected on many Linux systems. The way this is laid out is simple.

One advantage of this distribution is that it is based on Ubuntu. This means that you have access to the applications that Ubuntu uses which also means you get the Debian packages. There are tens of thousands of pieces of software that you can use with this distribution.

If you want to open the applications menu, simply left click anywhere on the desktop. This gives you quick and easy access to the programs that you might want to open and use.

On the right side of the screen is a dock. This is a bit unusual place for a dock since most are at the bottom of the screen or the top. The dock here lets you quickly launch some of the most needed applications that you might have. There is some customizable settings here to put other applications so that you have a quick launch off to the side.


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