Metatrader 4 – How to Install the Software on the Linux Platform?


There is an immense curiosity about how traders should use the very popular trading program Metatrader four on the Linux platform. The following content tells you the basic steps of installing MT4 in the Linux. Forex trader can adapt his distribution in an easy way, and install in on his or her ubuntu VPS. But until the Metaquotes really offers a native Linux version, or temporarily what one can do is to simply run the program under WINE emulation, and let the WINE tools to do the mundane job for you.

First of all, Forex traders should install WINE if it is not yet previously installed. Trader should key in: sudo apt-get install wine, then wait for things to happen. Once the WINE is installed, the trader needs to configure it, yet the process involved is pretty easy. A typical user should run /winecfg/ from the terminal and automatic set up will then begin. If you want further configuration or detailed tweaking, recheck the tabs when necessary, for more complex handling investors should consult online service or trading expertise. But usually one has to set it as a default, its equipment is more than enough for ordinary usage.

Second, for a possible windows installation, trader needs to copy over different fonts into their WINE installation. Try to mount windows partition in this way: /windows.cp /windows/WINDOWS/Fonts/* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts/ This part needs to be taken good care of.

Third, please note that Copy two requires good DLL files from trader’s valid windows installation. The detail is this and the address should be followed: cp /windows/WINDOWS/system32/mfc4* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

Fourth, traders should download MT4 setup quite successfully from the designated broker they desire, whom may be suggested from the online website What traders should do is to simply Install MT4 by typing wine mt4setup.exe.

Sixth, the whole MT4 download is complete, foreign currency traders should be able to detect an icon on their respective desktops and locate a current install of MT4 under their Linux. If they have any problems concerning the installation, they should consult the brokers and seek for online installation support, if many attempts of download fail.


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