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User Configuration Files in the Path of / etc / skel

The / etc / skel directory contains directories and files for users. These may be created by the installation routine when you install Linux and you can also create them yourself later. The items in skel are dependent on the Linux distribution (version) you are working on.

Linux Commands Training Tips: The Linux System Administration commands and user configuration files covered here apply to ALL other Linux distributions, including: Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SUSE, openSUSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Edubuntu – and Kubuntu.

Viewing the Contents of the Linux skel Directory – Example

Run the following command examples to change into the path of / etc / skel and get a long listing of the directories and files.

$ cd / etc / skel

$ ls -l

Depending on your Linux version and when you get it, you may see no items, or you may see some directories and files.

For example, with Red Hat, Fedora, Slackware and Debian Linux, you likely will not see anything.

However, for SUSE and openSUSE you'll likely see three directories named bin, Documents (containing a single hidden file) and public_html.

With Ubuntu, you'll see a directory named Examples that contains sample data files for users to work with (which is quite a good idea).

Now add the-option to the ls command to see all items, including hidden directories and files that begin with a period.

$ ls -la

Files that begin with a period are usually used for system configuration.

Now use the * (asterisk) wildcard character and get a listing of the "bash shell" configuration files.

$ ls -la .bash *

Now use the less command to view the contents of the Linux .bashrc file (that exists in skel on many distributions), but not Slackware (so use a different hidden file name from the listing further above).

$ less .bashrc

Press q to exit out of using the less command.


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