Learn Linux By Learning How to Speak Geek – Linux System Administration Training Terms & Concepts


Linux has it's own lingo and one of the most difficult things to learn about it is the terminology – the many different terms and slang language – which includes lots of wonderfully interesting, bizarre and strange terms.

Learning Linux terms is absolutely necessary to understanding how to use the OS (operating system).

To understand how Linux works, you need to understand its concepts – and the terms that are used over and over again in the descriptions of these concepts.

Linux Commands Training Tips: The Linux System Administration terms, concepts, and commandscovered here apply to ALL distributions, including: Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Slackware, Debian, SUSE and openSUSE.

Here's the Reasons for So Many Linux Terms – That Mean the Same Thing!

Linux has developed for over a decade now, and is based on Unix, which has been around for over 30 years!

During the development of Unix (with many different versions) and Linux (with even more different distributions), there have been many organizations, companies, groups of people, and individuals that have contributed to these OSes. These people have worked over a long period of time and in every country in the world!

Linux Terms Example – Console, (Terminal ) Emulation Window

So, here's what's happened. Someone created a program and someone else creates a similar one and they both do basically the same thing, but both are given a different name for what they do – and this can become extremely confusing and frustrating!

For example, to run Linux commands from a desktop, you open a terminal emulation window also known as a "console", or simply "terminal".

If you're working at a Linux desktop, someone may say "just open a terminal and run the ls command". Someone else may say "go to the console and run the ls command" and both of these mean the same thing. Fun eh?

Or, you may read one bit of Linux documentation, such as a man page and see the term "terminal" and read some other info at a web site and see "console", but both terms mean the same thing!

Linux Training Tips: Watch for upcoming articles with names that end in "Concepts & Terms" to learn how to "speak geek" so you can learn how to use Linux!

And rather than just defining these terms, these articles will describe them "in context" while using them to describe concepts – and this is truly "Translating Linux Geek-Speak into Clear Steps for Frustration-Free Mastery!"

Another great way to learn Linux is to watch training videos and hear all the different terms being used as a concept is being described. You get to see and hear them and then do the tasks yourself!


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