A New Operating System – Knoppix Ubuntu


Knoppix Ubuntu is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu is an operating system. If you’re unable to use Windows, you can use this software. There are so many positive points with Ubuntu. This is Linux program. A lot more computer users are turning away from Windows over to Linux.

Ubuntu can boot it right from the CD; it does not have to be installed. If you don’t install it, you of course cannot save any information. It is also safe and secure. The chances of your computer getting hit by a virus are very slim. Most viruses are on the larger commercial operating systems. Some of the application that comes with Ubuntu is word processing, email applications, web server software, and programming tools. Office Productivity Suite is compatible with Microsoft Office, and also includes a full featured paint program. You can also access the internet and search the web, use instant messaging with an integrated email and calendar. Ubuntu also makes it easy to listen to music, watch videos, and upload photos from your iPod, camera or hard drive. Ubuntu also has easy to configure printer drivers.

Now Ubuntu has so many great features, but the hard part may be getting around the system and getting used to this new operating system. I truly know I love using Linux, but in the beginning it was not as easy. I went to my library and looked up a book for Linux, and I was able to find a few books. The problem is I am not a computer tech, I don’t understand what these books are talking about. I need something that can be understood by the regular person. You know someone who does not understand computer lingo. So finally I did buy an eBook and would recommend this to anyone who is starting out with any of the Linux programs. It is like getting a new computer all for under $50.00 including learning to use this new system.


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