What’s Wrong With Social SEO?


Social media has become an inseparable part of the internet. For the United States, more than 70% of the internet users have a social networking profile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become the defining platforms for device experience and by the year 2018, the world will have 2.5 billion social media users. Now, this usage doesn’t just comprise of sharing selfies and pet videos. A major part of social content comprises B2B and B2C interactions. Social networks like Facebook have been playing a huge role in influencing purchase decisions of consumers. Most successful businesses have also taken to using social media for their SEO marketing efforts. Social interactions, including discussions, feedbacks, shares etc, directly impact the traffic into a website.

If you have been wondering how big this impact is, here are some key numbers to note:

  • Today, 90% of consumers aged between 18 and 29 are using social media for brand information and for businesses; this has become the preferred media of communication.
  • Though the ROI from social marketing is still tough to measure, 14% of global businesses believe that their marketing activities in platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have led to growth in website traffic and sales.
  • Interestingly, 8% of VPs and CEOs use social media to make purchase decision and the average consumer is no less curious.
  • The impact has been so powerful that the social marketing budgets for top global companies will rise by 25% in the next five years.

In the simplest explanations, links that are continually shared to and from YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter have a major effect on search engine rakings. Websites that are looking to achieve the maximum exposure for their products, services, blogs, events and advertisement can’t do without a powerful social media presence. These links don’t just divert the social crowd into your website but also add to the traffic that search engine bots are looking for.

Social media marketing is an interesting tool for business but several businesses still fail to fully understand the reach. Consequently, they aren’t being able to live up to the expectations, and more importantly, the competition that modern brands are bringing in. Here are some common mistakes that even big brands are making when it comes to social SEO:

Jumping into a fight without a plan

Most companies have always been through this – they suddenly decide to join the social scene, come up with a company profile, add a bunch of information, try to stay active and interesting for some time and gradually disappear. In just week, followers are already wondering what they have been doing and their answers aren’t acknowledged or replied.

It is therefore necessary that you make the entry with a long term marketing plan in mind. It is an investment of time and resources. It demands patience, continuity and maintaining your quality.


Spams have never been appreciated by the end user. However, if you still try to stick to this trick on social media, the disaster could be worse. Social platforms are the biggest chat rooms, open to the public and criticisms won’t go unnoticed.

Throwing irrelevant and low quality links all across your social profile will only add to your failure.

Multiple profiles

Another common rend that will take you nowhere is having multiple social accounts for the same business. Firstly, multiple profiles are misleading if not illegal and secondly, your marketing efforts get divided and none of it matches to the required quality. There is also no point in having a huge number of combined followers when only a few are really interested.

Low level of interaction

Social media gives the opportunity to business to directly communicate with its audience. However, there are several businesses who take no effort in sparking up these conversations. The inability to keep your audience/followers engaged and taking is the worst kind of social marketing.

Following the crowd

The competition has become so huge that businesses don’t get noticed until they take up some unique marketing steps. If you are media shy, there would be competitors who would be more aggressive and creative and take away the entire attention. It is very important to be active and ‘visible’ on social media.

Looking for immediate results

Like any other organic means of gaining traffic, social media success too takes time. The consumer today is knowledgeable and curious and won’t back out from doing a bit of research before trusting a brand name. Only a continual marketing effort pays in the end.

Social media has helped several startups and big businesses gain new grounds in the internet demographics. Several businesses are in fact selling and profiting completely out of their social profiles. If you have yet been able to create a promising presence, it’s high time that you step and take social SEO more seriously.


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