Wilson iBooster – Promise of a Stronger Signal For Your iPhone


The Wilson iBooster is specifically designed to strengthen signals of your iPhone 2G and 3G. The ingenious design of the iBooster is made to fit both models of Apple iPhone.

Wilson iBooster: What It Is
Every cell phone user is familiar with the issue of dropped calls. Having a weak signal due to different reasons is a complete inconvenience to any cell phone user. The iBooster is a cell phone repeater intended to respond to these problems; Specifically those of the Apple iPhone models. The budding technology of cell phone repeaters makes it easy for those mobile phone owners who experience difficulty in having sustained signal strength wherever at home or in the office. With the use of the Wilson iBooster, the signal strength of your iPhone will increase dramatically; Thus, it automatically eliminates dropped calls, increases data rates, and even allows calls from previously "dead spots". It provides its users with the additional signal needed to communicate properly, efficiently and effectively. The Wilson iBooster truly fulfills its promise of stronger signal for your iPhones.

The Wilson 805201 iBooster consist of three parts: a cradle for the iPhone, an external antenna and the power cord for a cigarette lighter port. Setting it up is straightforward because there is nothing permanent to install in your car and it is beyond easy provided you follow the step-by-step guide. Since it caters more to those who travel, the Wilson iBooster is designed for simple set up and can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Wilson iBooster: How does this iPhone Signal Boosters Work
So how exactly does the iBooster work? Cellular repeaters have a similar idea to that of Wi-Fi. Through the routers, they get signals from the environment and direct them to your home. The only difference with the cell phone repeaters is that that instead of plugging into the phone lines, they get the cell signal from an antenna which is placed outside your building or in your attic; In Wilson iBooster's case, outside your vehicle preferably on the roof for optimum performance. A magnetic vehicular antenna, power cord for a cigarette lighter port and a cradle is included with the starter kit when you purchase one. The cradle allows for hands-free operation when used with a phone compatible headset or Bluetooth hands-free device. Another repeater out is the zBoost YX510 which is equally effective in increasing your cell phone signals at home.


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