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iPhone game development is a fun and interesting way to learn how to make the iPhone more interactive. If you are curious as to how to develop a game for your iPhone then look no further than this article for all the practical information you will need for your iPhone game.

First and foremost make sure you familiarize yourself with the iPhone Apple product. Next make sure you understand the iPhone SDK. You can download this (Mac only) for development. There are many resources and outlets to look to when developing your game. Let's take a look at one because it will depend on what kind of game it is going to be and what kind of visual you have in mind to fully develop your perfect creation.

CocosSD is great for creating your first iPhone games. It comes with a source code to publish two games as well as a manual. CocosSD will teach you how to code your own game regardless of the genre you are working with. It also teaches you everything you need to know about making levels, animation, working with sound and also publishing. You will also get insider tips and tricks from software professionals on game development. You must have a Mac in order to download this software.

With CocoSD the download will teach you Object C. This is the iPhone native language. It explains it in an easy fun and powerful way to program in Objective C. This download will also teach you Xcode, which will make the iPhone SDK kit a lot easier to understand.

The next step in game development would be level making. The information goes into far more detail because it involves the dimension and look of your game. Here is where decoration, depth, obstacles and layers are added as well as characters, objects and textures. There is a huge artistic library that is included in the kit which will give you many options to chose from to make your iPhone game just how you've always wanted it.

If it all sees to get a bit overwhelming, do not worry. This system also features game development one-on-one. This is where you can learn features easily that will make you look like a pro. In this section learn how to make collisions, sound effects, and artificial intelligence to your game.

The last step in iPhone game development is the profit right? You just made this amazing game, now what is in it for you? CocoSD also supplies you with the knowledge you will need about PR firms and tips on promotional secrets to make sure you are moneying money.

Start developing your iPhone game now!


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