iPhone Marketing Strategies – Three Easy Ways to Go Mobile


The iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular smart phone on the market today. What's not to like? Along with its awesome iTouch Technology, wide screen interface, social connectivity, SMS text messaging and email capabilities and built in Safari browser, you have access to thousands of games, utilities, and social networking applications.

Competing against such a vast volume of software programs would seem to be a daunting task, yet we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. Most of the social buzz has centered around the "best sellers" leaving the impression that there is no room left for the average internet entrepreneur to get in on the action. It's simply not true.

Have you ever thought of publishing and marketing your own iPhone App? More and more digital content is finding its way into Apple's AppStore. Why not yours? If you currently have your own digital content then getting it published in the form of an iPhone app has never been easier.

Technology has now made it cost effective for the average internet entrepreneur to easily publish their own app without knowing anything whatsoever about coding. Forget about learning AppleScript, xcode, Objective "C", Cocoa Touch, or how to program java into the iPhone's OS. Never mind about having to purchase Apple's SDK developers kit and a Mac.

Numerous companies have come online that offer the would-be iphone marketer a push-button solution. Basically, your app platform already exists; you just have to fill it with your own content. Of course, if you wanted to create a sophisticated game or utility, then you would have to learn to code it yourself or hire a developer to do it for you.

Why publish your own app? What are the advantages of getting your digital content into the Marketplace?

First of all, by making your content available as an iPhone app you immediately gain access to the expanding mobile market. The majority of experts agree that most internet browsing in the future will be done from wireless mobile devices such as the iPhone 3gs and other smart phones. Making your content "mobile" automatically expands your market reach. Because your app will be hosted on its own server, you can update your app any time you want.

There are three main ways you can generate extra traffic and expand your marketing presence by going mobile.

Three iPhone Marketing Strategies:

The Giveaway: Smart marketers have been giving away their content as a way to generate new traffic and convert existing leads into paying customers ever since the internet first began. It works. An iPhone app is just another method of distribution. Many marketers have already discovered the value in distributing their digital content through iTunes, mainly in the form of audio and video podcasts.

But to pull this off successfully you have to offer more than just a four-page "Special Report". While you do not need to publish a lengthy book, you should offer something substantial. Turning your blog into an iPhone app is another possibility to be considered.

The Option or Add-on: Are you currently selling an online digital product? Consider adding your own iPhone app as an "option" or "addition" to your regular product and make it available on your sales page.

For instance, say you have a how-to digital eBook already for sale, you can allow your new customer to download your app for free (using a special discount code provided by Apple) or make it available for a small "extra" fee. The same strategy can be used from the AppStore.

The Mobile Blog / Advertising Model: Many website owners and bloggers monetize their sites with advertising revenue. Making your blog or website mobile is a good way to add an extra revenue stream to your business with content you already have.

There are many mobile advertising networks and agencies out there, but the largest of them is AdMob, which has already served a few billion ad units to millions of consumers. Before you rush into this kind of venture, you should check out the demographics first – not all web content is suitable for mobile advertising. A blog about knitting will not attract too much advertising revenue!

Targeting and relevance is not as advanced as say Google's AdSense, but I suspect this will improve now that Google has bought AdMob for a reported $ 750 million.

Doing business with AdMob is as simple as pasting their code into your iPhone app. And they provide you with the metrics and analytics you need in order to maximize your revenue streams.

Going mobile is definitely part of the future of IM. Do not miss out.


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