Do You Want to Get This Job in Apple?


Working with other talented engineers in Apple is the most beautiful dream of every iPhone application developer. However, it’s just a dream.

Can you believe that Apple is looking forward to hire iPhone game developers now?

It is the absolute truth that Apple is advertising for a full time game developer for the iPhone and iPod Touch game development. In last 3 years, Apple Inc. has made it a rule to obtain applications from free iPhone application and software developers and supply the certain proportion profit for them. As a result of this rule, Apple’s app store is able to be developed very well, and Steve Jobs who is the president of Apple has announced that the App Store total downloads had broken through 2 billion times. However, why do they want to hire a new iPhone game developer now?

It seems that Apple wants to develop their own iPhone game

The advertisement also said that, the position needs a creative thinker whom can contribute and comment on the design process as well as being flexible enough to aid in all aspects of production such as asset management and able to work to a deadline.

And we have a lot of reasons to expect a new iPhone game from Apple but not other free developers. Return to our question in the title, do you want to get this job in Apple? If you want, please remember that this position is being offered in Cupertino, CA, headquarter of Apple, and the title of this job is Game/Media Software Engineer.

The requirement of this game engineer is very high, just as Apple says, “he or she should be a skilled developer with 3-4 years of experience, strong C/C++/Objective-C and iPhone application development experience”, and other additional requirement, “has interactive multimedia experience”, “UI design experience” and so on.

Maybe Apple hasn’t been aware of the importance of the game development in mobile device in the past. But now it seems that Apple is becoming the producer of “passionate game”, so it wants to look for a “passionate gamer”.


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