Automatic MySQL Database Backup and Restore


It’s likely that you’re already familiar with MySQL, the open source software program that allows you to create, maintain, and manage relational databases. After all, it is by far the most popular of all the database management systems designed especially for internet content. MySQL is used by nearly all the biggest names on the web (ie, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook) thanks to its reliability and convenience. High-traffic websites, new start-ups, personal sites, informational resources– most websites rely on MySQL for comprehensive storage of important data such as user info, indices, and recent activity. If you’ve ever needed to organize data pertaining to your, your company’s, and / or your client’s website, you’ve probably researched and utilized this software to accomplish the task.

Chances are though that you are not yet familiar with a lot of the pertinent software offered to help make your MySQL far more pleasant. Of particular interest are those programs designed to both automatically backup and restore your MySQL database. They make the time- and labor-intensive process of backing up data more streamlined. Whether your website is a one-man venture or multi-million dollar operation, this can free up a lot of time and funds better spent elsewhere. On a more basic level, this automatic backup also means less worrying. If something goes wrong (say, for example, your MySQL server dies or a table crashes), you know everything will make it. Restoring the website and database should even take less time; this means your visitors are not detracted from your page a second longer than necessary. It allows your business to grow while also guaranteeing that all-too-common issues like excessive downtime and permanent data loss do not damage its reputation.

A quality automatic MySQL backup program will offer the following basic features: compatibility with all operating systems, support for all MySQL character sets, store engines, and field and table types, ability to backup data to SQL files, PHP files, different servers, or different databases, and an easy-to-use interface. Typically, a software program intended to automatically backup and restore MySQL databases is a self-contained utility. When you initially run it, you’ll be presented with a simple set-up wizard to guide you through choosing presets and schedules. Any program worth its salt will allow you to set up multiple tasks for varying degrees of backup. Tasks may be added, edited, or deleted at any time with an equally minimal amount of effort and hassle. Once you’ve set things up, the program will live up to its description as “automatic.” This is in definite contrast to the labor involved with routine, manual backups. The software will follow your instructions, reliably and without folly.

You should also, with a good program, be able to disable an automatic shutdown, log off, or suspension from occurring while the operation is being performed so as to avoid disruption. Furthermore, make sure the software you choose offers an e-mail alert in the rare case that an error happens or a task fails. Regarding failure, by the way, a good program will be just as automatic in the restoration of the database in the instance of any problem with your MySQL server. Automatic restoration is set up and enabled with tasks-just like automatic backup.

Many of the options available offer both a regular and professional version. Software available in this dual format is typically more developed, secure, and stable. The basic software will offer all the key functions while the professional versions tend to pack more features, more punch, and run more smoothly on newer operating systems.

Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll be progressing towards an ever better website by making the investment in such complementary MySQL software. Think about it-how often do you follow routine maintenance schedules (be it for MySQL, your hard drive, or even your car) to a tee? By eliminating the bother, risk, and time usually required by such tasks, you can devote more time to expanding your site or actually enjoying the profits garnered from it.


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