Advantages of MySQL


MySQL is a very popular Relational Database Management System. It is used in lots of different environments but where it has found the most use and provides lots of different features is in web development. It is open source and fast but the advantages don’t end there, below we list more advantages provided by MySQL.

Fast – From the start MySQL was designed to be fast and even though features have been added over time, it still remains very fast.

Inexpensive – MySQL is released under the GPL so it is free. If you want a commercial license it is very inexpensive especially compared to other databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Easy – MySQL uses the SQL language so it is easy to use and learn.

Available on lots of different operating systems – MySQL can run on lots of operating systems from Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, FreeBSD and others.

Great Support – As there are millions of users worldwide, support for MySQL is widely available and most of that is free. For a small fee you can also buy professional technical support.

Customisable – Because MySQL is released under the GPL, anybody who has the technical know-how can customise it to do what they want it to do.

Can handle large databases – MySQL is able to handle databases of up to 50 million rows. The size of a table can go up to 4GB but if you really want to and have the resources you can increase it to 8 million terabytes.


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