Xen GUI in Fedora Core 6


Fedora Core is Red Hat's Linux distribution for testing new technologies.
New version (6) of Fedora Core, which became available for download in November, shows that major Linux vendors see
importance of virtualisation and virtual private servers in years to come.

Xen in Fedora Core 6 comes with the GUI named Virtual Machine Manager.

Virtual Machine Manager seems to be easy to use despite it seems to be in its young age. There are some options missing like notifications about inactive time, options to connect to virtual manager on remote server etc. Also there are no much feedback when some operations fail to execute. There are no many error, warning or any other messages which might help you trace the root of the problem.

It is obvious that product still needs much development and it is not uncommon that Red Hat decide to include half-finished products like those in its Fedora Core.

Xen is available in Fedora Core since version 5 and in Suse since version 10.1. Most likely Red Hat will include Xen in its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 which has to appear at the end of the year.

It is also worth noting that some other distribution is offering OpenVZ. OpenVZ is virtualisation software which is in fact Open Source testing suite for Virtuozzo. OpenVZ has started to be available in Gentoo, Mandriva and Debian Unstable. Still, very rarely hosting providers use OpenVZ for offering their VPS. OpenVZ is also avaiable on Ubuntu since version 6.10.

I'm sure that we will see an importance of Xen and OpenVZ related products in years to come.


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