Why Learn Linux at All


On a trip to Mauritius as a computer student, we were addressed by Richard Stallman (founder of the free software foundation). One of our group members raised a question, which every one of us had,

“it seems like learning new technologies and constant updates the key to a sustained career growth in computer science, which looks fine, but also puts us in a never ending maze, which leaves us stranded, as where it all began where it is heading and why so many changes?”

The answer was quite simple, he asked us to start working with a GNU/Linux machine and suggested to work with free software, this will give any student a complete clarity not only on the subject but also on the design of that software, the problems similar software had and how this version has overcome it and also how the coming software would look like. Now this is the kind of learning any student should go through and he/she would slowly see things unfolding and the maze turning a pathfinder.

Since then I have followed his advice and 12 years later when I look back I absolutely feel proud for following his advice and make a satisfying career as a lead trainer on Linux.

Linux gives you the freedom to go deeper and digest as much information as possible, and when you understand things inside out it will change the way you look and work with it. To me no other OS gives you this flexibility and control.


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