Which Linux Distro Should I Learn To Gain Enterprise Experience?


Why Learn Linux?

If you are reading this you probably already have a reason that you would like to learn Linux. This article will specifically focus on those who want to learn Linux for professional or career advancement. This article is focused on those who have limited to no experience with Linux and know the professional and career benefits learning such an amazing operating system can have.

Why Not Ubuntu or Debian?

Contrary to popular belief Ubuntu and Debian are not as popular as people think, although there is a lot of online hype about these distributions and they are great for the hobbyist they are not the best choice for those who wish to gain experience on a Linux distribution that is widely used in the enterprise.

If we take a look at Dell and IBM for instance they specifically support RedHat Enterprise Linux. Having personally worked for IBM, Oracle, Qwest Communications and CSG Systems I know first hand that these companies purchase hardware from Dell and IBM and specifically choose RedHat Enterprise Linux for their Linux servers.

So with a price tag ranging from $350-$8,000 for RedHat Enterprise you could easily go broke setting up a few small servers to learn on. So what do you do? How can you possibly learn this operating system and give your self the experience you need to shine in any enterprise environment?

Why Fedora Core?

Well for those that don’t currently know Fedora is an open-source RedHat sponsored community Linux distribution. Fedora as stated on the RedHat website is

“Community integration and rapid innovation vs, compatibility. Because Fedora’s main objective is to get new technology into the hands of interested users, compatibility is at times a secondary consideration. Fedora applications are more likely to require recompilation and sometimes source code adaptation to keep up with changing interfaces.

We go to great lengths to preserve compatibility in Red Hat Enterprise Linux updates. At times, this can lead to difficult decisions–preserving compatibility can preclude the incorporation of desirable new features.”

What this means for you is that as you learn on Fedora you can almost guarantee that you will feel very comfortable working with RedHat enterprise Linux in almost corporate environment and be able to answer technical Linux questions in just about any interview. Since RedHat provides the direction for the Fedora Project you can guarantee and expect that Fedora will provide the perfect learning ground for RedHat Enterprise Linux.


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