What Are The Web Hosting Choices for Your Web Site?


So you're either at the point where you are looking at trying to find a company to help you with your web hosting or you're looking to change your service supplier. That being the case what do we need to consider before entering into a contract with another supplier?

There are many available packages so you really need to know what exactly you are looking for from your service supplier. The offers will go from a free solution to some quite expensive schemes and all of them will be perfect for someone but will they be perfect for you?

First of all you may consider some of the free web hosting solutions that there are out there. For example you may choose a blog such as WordPress or blogger as your first website and this type of site will all be hosted for you by each relative company. They are easy to set up but suffer from some general cons and the biggest being that your blog can just disappear overnight if the owner of your blog platform takes issue with your blogs. Whilst you can use the blog templates provided you are generally limited to the plug ins and templates that are available and on WordPress you can not use hyperlinks inside you're content so you would be able to do any affiliate marketing on posts on that platform. Interesting that situation changes if you download the WordPress software onto you're own web space and then WordPress can become a very powerful tool that is created for that particular application.

To avoid this you may choose a provider that provides you with a full web hosting solution similar to what you would normally pay for. I can recommend this as an option as I have used a free webhost myself but there are issues to consider and the largest one is that the amount of up time for your site is not the same as you would expect to receive on a paid service And that the main times that there are problems will be at peak times which is when you really need to have your web hosting operational.

Next up you will find a number of operators who offer web hosting solutions which may go from as little as £ 0.99 a month up to £ 30.00 a month or more. These web hosting packages go from a simple one site package to those that may offer you the ability to host unlimited websites up to the maximum about of space that you have available. If you are considering marketing your blog or website and setting up a mini network then this sort of package is ideal.

Another consideration that you may have is whether to buy Linux or Microsoft web hosting. This will all depend on how sophisticated your website is and also what languages ​​your web set designer may be familiar with. If you are just writing simple html then either site will be fine. If, however, you are looking for a site that will be required to run cron jobs (automated tasks) then it is almost certain that you require a Linux server as opposed to a Microsoft server.

To summarize then if you are a beginner then it may seem to be a good idea to take the free host option but you will likely find that there are issues with the free web hosting which are minimized with a paid web hosting service. Once you upgrade to even the cheapest web hosting plans you will often find that the speed of the site is improved and your webmaster experience is enhanced. It is for this reason that I recommend that you consider a web host who can offer you a relatively cheap starter package up to sophisticated business packages.


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