Using a Dedicated Server to Become a Web Host


Before investing in a dedicated server take the time to understand what it really takes to operate a web server company. Do you have …

o patience with handling complex technology?
o computer and technical know-how?
o a background in Computer Science?
o familiarity with Control Panels and their limits?

Another huge reality factor is the demand for 24/7 service. Most internet and website customers now are accredited to getting tech support around the clock, any time they need it. The bottom line is that you or your employees will be expected to be on call 24 hours a day for to handle sales calls and requests for technical assistance. One of the necessities of running any internet-related business is immediate response if customers are going to remain happy and loyal. Are you prepared to support the needs of your clients if you decide to start a web hosting service?

Be Familiar with All Components

Familiarity with all the latest software is at the top of the check list when it comes to having the tools you need to have a web host. You will need to know what software is available on the market, how it works and what is the price tag attached. Occasionally you will be installing this software on your web server to accommodate the needs of your customers.

If you intend to host using a Window 2000 server you will need to have an in depth comprehension of IIS. On the upside, Microsoft offers a huge library of information that describes everything you need to know about their software, but it will require a time commitment on your behalf to read through it all.

You should be considering a Linux server, you'll be called upon for your knowledge and command of Secure Shell Security (SSH). You'll find yourself floundering helplessly if you do not have a stubdy background in Telnet commands if you are using Cpanel as your control panel.

There are some options available as far as how much money you will need to invest up front, but the key here is that you will need to have startup capital to get going. The software you will be required to purchase can be quite costy and your customers will expect you to offer them the best. They are not likely to settle for anything less than a sturdy, reliable server such as a Dual Pentium. This is also really the only way you will have complete control of anything that is going on with your network.


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