The Operation System War Between Linux And Windows


The fact that you can use whichever operating system you like for your hosting is a gift. Even if your computer is running on Linux, you can still choose a Windows hosting platform and vice versa. In fact, these 2 types of operating system are the most popular choice out there nowadays. Both of them support file transfer protocol or FTP in short. This means that users using it will be able to upload or publish content directly from their hard drive on to the web server. Furthermore, features like SSL encryption and other online communication tools are also available with any of these 2 choices.

Although they are very similar in some ways, there are also many differences between the two operating systems. One of it is strongly connected to technologies developed by Microsoft. So if you are intending to use applications like ASP, FrontPage, MSSQL or Windows Streaming Media, you have to choose Windows as your operating system. But if you are only looking to use technologies like PHP, POP3 and MySQL, then you can go for either one because both o the systems supports these technologies very well.

As for the stability of the system, Linux will be more stable if compared to Windows. This is due the ‘blue screen’ problem that Windows always have with their 95 & 98 version. Because of this error, it has created a bad reputation for Windows even though it was some time ago. When this happens, users will need to restart their devices. Later edition like the Windows 2000 and Windows XP has provided a better solution and has increase the stability for the brand.

With Linux, you will be able to enjoy great performance because it is very efficient with servers. The way applications work in it is also faster if you compare it with Windows. However, the variety of features that you can get with Windows is more than Linux as it remains as a simple but flexible operating system.

Being an open source platform, users will be able to enjoy cheaper web hosting packages as vendors are able to use Linux components without cost. Due to its open source nature, many programmes out there is constantly coming up with improvements and this means that if you have a problem with bugs or anything, you will be able to find a solution for Linux much faster because it has a large community of designers and users. As for security wise, users out there would agree that Linux have the superiority over Windows because it is well-known for its security-first approach.

So, on the question of which one is the better operating system, the answer will depend on the user himself. Different people will have different needs and that is why all these comparison can only be used as a reference for people to make their choice.


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