The New Razor Cell Phones From Motorola


Motorola's ultra-popular, ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin clamshell Razor (RAZR) cell phone has, since 2007, seen an addition to its line with the new Razor cell phones that have come on the market. These all fall under the new Razor 2 line of Razor cell phones from Motorola.

The Razor 2 comes in three models that are almost identical, namely the Razor 2 V8, Razor 2 V9m and RAZR2 V9. The Razor 2 is two millimetres thinner than the original Razor (which was 89 x 53 x 13.9 millimetres). Furthermore, the improvements on the phone include a screen that is much more capable of withstanding wear and tear, made with a steel frame and glass that is chemically protected; a two megapixel camera (as opposed to the original Razor's one or 1.3 megapixel camera); HTML browsing (rather than WAP); a two inch external touchscreen; and the incorporation of the new Crystaltalk technology.

Here are some comments on these new Razor cell phones:

The Design

The case of the new Razor 2 cell phones are made of stainless steel, chrome and the glass (as mentioned above) is chemically hardened. Because it's more thin (12 millimetres) and less weighty, some have moaned about whether it feels solid compared to the Razor but this may only be a very subjective observation. Whether a phone feels solid does not necessarily mean it is or is not. The phone is as wide as the original Razor which makes it just as comfortable to hold.

The external screen, which is a touch screen, is the size of 31 millimetres by 40 millimetres, which is quite large for an external display. Opening up the phone there is a bright color screen with a keypad that is comfortable to use and is flat, much like the phone's predecessors.

For further convenience, the Razor 2 has buttons on the side of the phone for quick access to common applications on the phone.


Running on a Linux-based interface the new Razor phone's software is a big step forward compared to the older Motorola interfaces. The HTML browser is the popular open-source browser Opera, and the phone's software is much easier to learn and far less cumbersome. On screen items and icons are easily visible, and taking photos, playing music, and text messaging are easy to access, use, and enjoy.

The point of the external display was to make certain applications easier to use, such as the MP3 player and reading text messages. As far as text messages go, this is a new and very welcome achievement, as now you do not have to open the phone just to read a message but can see it much easier.

Each Razor 2 model has different memory options as well as color options. Here they are:

Razor 2 V8 – Colors: Blue, Grey. Memory: 512MB or 2GB on board memory.
Razor 2 V9 – Colors: Mahogany, Black. Memory: 50MB on board, MicroSD support of up to 8GB.
Razor 2 V9m -Colors: Sand, grey. Memory: 45MB on board, MicroSD support of up to 2GB.
Razor 2 V9x – Colors: Licorice. Memory: 50MB on board, MicroSD support of up to 8GB.

The new Razor cell phones are sure to be a hit with fans, and many are suspecting that the new designs and additions will make them as much as a success as their predecessors.


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