The Generosity and Power of the Freebie EBook


Free eBooks form an extremely effective way to capture your audience's attention – you're actually giving away something for free and everyone loves freebies. You can use the love of free to market you product or service and open the doors to a new flow of traffic.

Downloadable books in general have become more and more popular over the years, and are written on almost all subjects ranging from business, health, science, fiction, religion, politics and of course the naughty, unmentionable themes. The most popular format these days is the PDF, as it works equally well on PC's and Macs, Windows and Linux. Some web sites offer genuinely free good eBooks to promote their products or services. Like anything else in life, although the vast majority is the not-so-good ones, there are various ways of promoting internet marketing through free eBooks.

Back to the basics – how do electronic book downloads differ from paper books (the Gideon's Bible was a good example) or short booklets as a marketing tool? First, marketing and distribution costs are extremely low. The production cycle of such books may be literally days to weeks in comparison to paperbacks which typically take months to produce. As there are no costs of packing and postage, even some bestsellers with both paper and electronic versions have had higher sales through eBooks. The costs of full colour printing are incredibly high when it comes to paper, whereas, it is the norm for eBooks to be colorful.

Secondly, clickability – eBooks provide the opportunity to link readers instantaneously to other sites to check out anything that interests them. To promote product or brand awareness, this is extremely important. Since web-marketing is essentially built upon layers of interconnected websites, these interactive books often are a valuable source of collection of links which customers retain on their hard-drives, to be re-used over and over again.

Third, the multimedia aspect: they can contain or consist of an assortment of picture-maps, videos (links and embedded), audio and animations. This makes it easy to illustrate and demonstrate concepts and techniques linked to services and products – a generation of online books with names like 'How to drive your mother-in-law crazy without getting blamed for it' have proved popular in recent years.

The downside: many spammers or hawkers copy the original books without permission (obviously!) Market them as their own clones. Although you may rest assured they will not outshine their masters and become bestsellers, it makes sense to publish specialized eBooks close to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise to reduce such theft. Some 'screen reading only' versions may just minimize copy and pasting, but the only way to beat the competition is to come up with something original in the first place.

Presenting free eBooks for your visitors to download and read, sharing information and inviting them to peruse products and services you offer is a terrific way to boost visitor loyalty and promote your business. Used well and with generosity you will find it to play a very important role in monetizing your website.


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