Solution to Linux Error "Partition Table Unreadable"


The partition is considered as a piece of logical division of the disk space, which runs on some operating system. Partition table is located at the first sector (cylinder 0, head 0 and sector 1, MBR) of each hard disk and It memorizes the information about sizes and locations of partitions. Hence, any corruption to the partition table, may lead to serious data loss or inaccessibility, demanding Linux recovery technology to get back your valuable data.


You started your Linux system and suddenly your system halted with an error message popping up. All your data in the hard drive becomes inaccessible and you are getting the same error message, every time you boot your PC. The situation has left you with no other option except something like Linux data recovery to get your data back. The error message flashing on your screen may read as follows:

“The partition table on device was unreadable”


The primary cause behind the above mentioned error is that the partition table may be corrupt or damaged. Whereas, partition table gets corrupted due to any of the following reasons: unexpected shutdown, erroneous use of disk partitioning utilities, partition resizing, improper use of terminal commands etc.


In order to resolve the above error, check out the following steps:

Try to check whether at least one of the partitions has been marked as active or not. If not, then mark the partition as active, in which the operating system has been installed and you want to boot from it.

If booting from any other partition in your system or by any other means, you can get into the system, then, immediately backup all the important data.

If the above means don’t satisfy the purpose of resolving the error,try to delete the existing partition using the ‘fdisk’ command or any other partition utility and recreate the partition.

Repartitioning the hard disk erases all the previously stored data and to restore the data you need the latest backup. The stress increases, if the backup is not available or due to any unsolvable reason, failed to restore the data. This is a kind of situation that badly requires any good Linux recovery software to retrieve and restore your data.

These Linux Recovery utilities incorporate advanced scanning mechanisms that dig into your formatted hard drive and recover the data without any further damage. Moreover, these applications don’t need any expertise and in fact with instructions for each step, these are quite easy to use.


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