Linux Operating System – 5 Golden Rules to Live By


These are the 5 golden rules that make getting and using a Linux operating system fun, easy, and totally exciting to use. Break free and take charge of your computer. No more costly repair bills due to freezes and crashes.

  1. Do not try too many versions at once
  2. Pick a version high on the list
  3. Get a beginners guide
  4. Join the forum community
  5. Set it up to suit your needs

First – There are many versions of Linux to choose from. Because there are so many and there free people tend to try too many at once and get overwhelmed and confused. Pick one. Stay with it until you see how it works and then once you have it working and set the way you want it, back everything up and then your ready to check out another version. Most people seem to settle on a version and stick with it after they have tried a few.

Second – Pick the version at the top of the list to start. It is on the top because it is popular and it is popular because it is stable and has great support. Linux free support is unbelievably good anyway, but a top version simply has more. There will be other reasons it's on the top and these reasons are always a benefit to the user.

Third – Always get a beginners guide to point you in the right direction. It helps you step by step and teaches you some basics and makes you feel more competent.

Fourth – Join the Linux forums. It's like being connected to support all the time. Do not get me wrong, you do not have to do anything but they are always there when you need help. People there seem to love the challenge of solving problems as they come up, so there is no worries about getting the answers you need.

Fifth – Linux is very flexible. You can make it look and feel the way you want it to. You can change software to suit your needs. Also, if there is some way you want to customize it that is not included, chances are the forum community can help you make it happen. Or, you can set it and forget it and there is no need to make any changes.

These rules are important for you to enjoy your computer and not be dictated to by a rigid operating system that is totally set and inflexible. Follow these to have fun and make it do what you want. After all, you paid for the hardware. You owe it to yourself to be in command of it.


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