Linux Media Server For PS3 – Unlock the Possibilities


The Linux media server for PS3 is an incredibly empowering tool for your gaming system. After all, your PS3 is much more than a mere system for playing games, at least in its latent capabilities. Sleeping within your PS3 is a vastly powerful computing engine which lays in wait in its slumber for you to unlock its potential. What am I talking about here? Your PS3 – it's not quite something to play with … it is a super-powerful computer with capabilities that are otherwise beyond what you may be aware of.

Upon installing the latest version of the Linux media server for PS3, you'll come to realize it, and you'll be astounded. With the use of the Linux media server for PS3, your gaming system is awakened into being, taking on the power of a Linux based computing machine. With the added feature of being also able to take on the MS Windows OS, your PS3 now harnesses the capabilities now available and becomes a power wielding PC computer also.

You now in effect have two very powerful computers and in essence have at your disposal a double-barrel computing force. The downloading and running capabilities are nearly unfathomable with the use of the Linux media server for PS3. Now you not only with the help of the emulators can download and play any and all games from every gaming platform imaginable, but also music and movie multi-media files, as well as all of the PC and Windows applications you could ever need or want to use.


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