Linux For PS3 – What Do You Need For a Complete Installation?


So you want to know how to install Linux for PS3, huh? Well, before you can even start the whole installation process, they are some things that you need to get started. These are easily available online and your local electronic store.

What you have to do is format your hard drive. Before you do that its always a good idea to backup everything on your console. That way you can easily restore the old settings if you encounter problems with the installation.

You can use a simple 4 gigabyte USB pocket drive to backup your files on. Just go to your local electronics store and you can get one for less than $20. Once you have installed your Linux, you can always delete the files on it and use it for other things in the future.

You also need a USB keyboard and mouse, because you can not go through the Linux setup with a game controller. An ISO image burner is needed for your Ubuntu Linux software. This is the only format that your PS3 recognizes. Do not worry just like the software required you can download this online for free. Simply do a quick search on Google, and you should have many options to choose from.

The files are going to take a long time to download, sometimes as long as 2 hours. Once you have downloaded the files, the installation process also takes as long as two hours to complete, so make sure you have a lot of spare time. I recommend maybe even doing this overnight so you do not have to sit around and watch the status bar for hours.


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