Linux Data Recovery – Solutions Available For Superblock Corruption


Linux data recovery is a real advantage when your LINUX hard disk is inaccessible and you don't even understand either the error message or the cause behind the same. Superblock corruption is one of the many possible errors like partition table corruption, file system corruption or intrusion of virus / malware etc. In a LINUX hard disk, the partition is divided into multiple file system blocks. Among them, most blocks store user data and some blocks store information of the file system itself or the meta data. Superblock is one of the common meta data structures, corruption of which lead to the inaccessibility of the hard disk and you need a good Linux recovery software to recover back your data.


While trying to boot your system, you encounter a serious error and the whole data in your hard disk became inaccessible. The error message may read as follows:


"The filesystem size (according to the superblock) is 12453462 blocks

The physical size of the device is 10093482 blocks

Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt "

After this, when you manually try to run the command FSCK to resolve the above mentioned issue, you encounter another erroneous message which reads as follows:

"Error reading block 10125318 (Invalid argument) while doing inode scan. Ignore error?

Error reading block 10125319 (Invalid argument) while doing inode scan. Ignore error? "


The primary cause behind these error messages is either the corruption of the partition table or the corruption of superblock.

Resolution :

  1. Unmount all the partitions using the command 'unmount-a'.
  2. Choose the alternate superblock that is used to be with the operating system and mount the file system.
  3. Try to repair the corrupted hard drive partitions using the command 'e2fsck' command.

If the above measure fails to repair the hard disk partition , try to recreate all the partitions. Recreating partition will erase all the previously saved data in the hard drive and to recover them back, you need a powerful Linux recovery software. Usually, these utilities are efficient enough to recover all the inaccessible or formatted data from any Linux hard drive.


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