Linux CRM Software – What’s Is Linux CRM Software How Can Help You?


With the popularity of web-based systems and information on the increase, those wanting to adopt a CRM solution or aiming for higher returns from their CRM systems are considering migration to Linux CRM software systems. These systems offer advantages such as more scalability, stability, increased performance, and better control. Most companies that move to Linux-based systems save costs remarkably within a short span of time. On the whole, companies stand to gain five to six times more returns on shifting their business CRMs to Linux and open source systems than they would using other well-known servers.

To reap maximum benefits out of these systems, you need to perform effective strategic planning while combining a Linux-based open source environment into your business and technical network. You can consider integrating the capabilities of a Linux server with your server-intensive business programs for a smooth migration. In this way, you can run all applications from a central computer. This will make it easier to perform functions such as backup, recovery, trouble-shooting, and upgrades. Once implemented, businesses gain an infrastructure that is free of intrusions.

For a successful migration to Linux, you need to follow a step-by-step methodology. After identifying a Linux provider, it would be a good idea to start migrating services such as files, database, and print first. Then follow these up with your proprietary business applications such as the CRM software. Businesses can customize and brand open source Linux CRM software application as their own to fit it seamlessly into their network and thus integrate modules for managing and automating leads, sales and customers into one solution. As part of the migration, you can gradually uninstall client-side applications because the open-source attributes of Linux enable applications to be Web-based, making them more efficient and less costly in terms of maintenance.

Linux CRM solutions are based on open source LAMP software stack. LAMP is short for Linux (the operating system), Apache (the web server), MySQL (the database) and PHP (the language). Its Windows counterpart is called WAMP. One solution that is built on LAMP is the online CRM solution called absoluteBUSY. It is typically used for marketing and sales management, as a contact manager, for project tracking and other CRM operations

The Linux CRM software absoluteBUSY is installable on your web-host or server which keeps you in complete control of your data. Moreover, the managers, sales representatives and technicians of your company can share an up-to-date central database with online web-based tools for managing contacts and tracking projects. The web-based platform enables you to now see and edit histories and information about contacts, customers, leads, outstanding tasks, and projects, from any location, any time and computer.

Another similar solution is vtiger CRM that has a simple installation procedure and is packaged with Apache, PHP, MySQL, and CRM source code. This is a clear advantage over other systems that provide only the CRM application and keep installation and purchase of other WAMP/LAMP components separate.


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