Linux – A Better Hosting Platform


If you are planning to setup your own personal website and wish to get a quick online presence, you need to decide a reliable web host and a hosting environment. Typically, web hosting companies offers two different choices with every package – Linux and Windows Hosting. You need to choose a platform that better fit to your requirements.

There are certain things which need to be consider while choosing a hosting platform. If you ask me, in terms of security which platform is the best? I would recommend you to go with a Linux based hosting package.

When a web hosting provider offers you a Linux-Unix based hosting, it generally means that your site will be hosted on a Linux-Unix operating system platform. This operating system makes it much compatible with the system that you may be using on your own computer.

Linux and Unix are not a different platforms, they are the same. There was time when Linux operating system was used only by the professionals, but now developers have implemented many things to make it simple and user-friendly, so that a new user is also able to understand and operate the programs quite easily. Because of the Shell structure a well experienced person will have much benefit and control over their website.

In reliability, Linux is known as one of the most reliable operating system, as the system itself does not have any bugs and hence, secures your website. Most of the linux based hosting providers prefer cPanel as their web hosting control panel which has Friendly User Interface.

Due to its capacity of handling multiple processes at the same time, you can expect more output from your server. Preferring Linux as your operating system you can have an advantage of scripting languages ​​such as C, C +, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Servlet / JSP Tomcat and many more!

MySQL is the database to which Linux support. Before going with any web hosting provider just make sure they provide a full database support for MySQL.

As the Linux operating system is being improved by many specialists around the globe, most of its versions are free of cost. Due to this condition, the linux based hosting has become much cheaper and reliable than any other hosting.

There are many Linux based web hosting packages available in the web hosting industry that offers great features, fast and secure servers such as Personal Hosting Package, which is an ideal solution for setting up a personal websites.


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